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Storytime Workshop

The importance of reading to your child can not be highlighted enough. The opportunities for bonding, learning and exploring across all areas of development are endless. Story time allows children to extend their imagination, manage difficult real life situations and discover everything in between. Whether you do this at bedtime or after lunch; with a baby or a five year old, books can provide an intimate space for our children to learn but also for us to learn about our children.

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This workshop is for you if

  • you want to discover the developmental benefits of story time with your child
  • you want to encourage your child’s interest in books
  • you want to extend your child’s current experience of books

  • you want to nurture an enjoyable experience that will transform into a lifelong passion

You will learn

  • to create an encouraging environment for reading

  • to motivate your child by being a role model

  • how to discover the many ways in which reading can be introduced to your child

  • to demonstrate to your child the applications of reading to your everyday life

  • how to encourage their independence in choosing books through using the library

  • to support your child in discovering connections between books & their own life experiences

  • how to extend their experience of books through the use of props, puppets & other activities

  • to recognise the advantages of using books to foster your child’s current interests & discover new ones

  • how to choose books appropriate to your child’s age & stage of development

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I aspire to empower you with the skills to create joyful, meaningful moments as a family while also fostering your child’s skills to be happy, confident and resilient as they go out into the world