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Resilience Workshop

The world can be a big place for our children, one that can throw up many challenges as they grow up. Resilience is a skill all children can develop in order to be able to meet these challenges and overcome them, while also learning how to take risks in a healthy, positive way. Parents play an important role in building a child’s resilience as children learn so much just from observing you. In considering our own resilience we are taking a big step towards supporting our own children in becoming self-aware, communicating their emotions and discovering coping strategies that are successful for them.

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This workshop is for you if

  • you want to recognise the challenges that your child might face
  • you want to support your child’s positive self-development
  • you recognise that resilience is a worthwhile skill for life

You will learn

  • to consider your own resilience skills
  • the importance of building a secure attachment in the early years of your child’s life
  • how to be a positive role model
  • how to prepare the home environment to foster resilience
  • how to support your child in identifying, expressing & managing their emotions
  • how to encourage your child’s independence
  • how to nurture your child’s self-confidence by facing their own personal challenges
  • how to interact & take part in meaningful activities with your child

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I aspire to empower you with the skills to create joyful, meaningful moments as a family while also fostering your child’s skills to be happy, confident and resilient as they go out into the world