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Creative Play Workshop

Creativity is a principle element of our children’s development. Creative play can be expressed in many ways and is an important form of communication used by children. When we value creative processes, we allow our children to explore to their fullest potential and observe as they demonstrate what they know and love and where they want to go next. Creative play allows our children to use both their internal and external resources, experiment, learn and take steps to furthering their own knowledge.

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This workshop is for you if

  • you want to find time to do creative activities

  • you find it hard to source what you need
  • you want to learn how to set up activities that will engage your child

You will learn

  • the benefits of creative play for your child
  • the importance of your role before & during a creative play activity
  • how to prepare for creative play
  • where to find time in your routine
  • what you will need & what you don’t need
  • how, when & why you should display your child’s art work
  • lots of ideas for creative play
  • how to recognise your child’s creativeness & discover your own activities

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I aspire to empower you with the skills to create joyful, meaningful moments as a family while also fostering your child’s skills to be happy, confident and resilient as they go out into the world