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My Workshops

My workshops are rooted in my knowledge and expertise as an early years professional and my experience as a stay at home parent. In combining these, I have created workshops that will empower you to be confident in your observations of your child, inspire you to explore your child’s needs and create joyful, meaningful time together as a family.

My workshops are fun, interactive and full of opportunities for you to ask questions. In this way, I can tailor the content to be as beneficial to you and your family as possible. My aim is for you to leave my workshops feeling motivated, empowered and excited to use the strategies in your home. To ensure that this happens, I also provide follow up resources relevant to each workshop such as activity and materials lists, book lists, messy play recipes and resilience strategies to have as they are needed.

Upcoming Workshops

My Insight workshops have been developed to support you in three areas; creative play, resilience for young children and storytime with young children. These are core areas in which children can learn and develop through purposeful interaction with you, all while having fun. These workshops have been developed for parents of children up to school going age. They will take place online so that you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

Creative Play Insights

This workshop will teach you the importance of creative play and how to provide for it at home, along with lots of great ideas

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Resilience Insights

This workshop will explain the importance of resilience and provide strategies that will benefit your family both now and in the future

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Storytime Insights

This workshop will inspire you and your child to love books and story time while also taking a look at the many benefits of reading with your child

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Transition Insights

This workshop will teach you how to support your child in making the transition to preschool or school

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Benefits Gained

Through taking part in my workshops, parents will discover their inner confidence. They will be inspired to observe their child and notice their strengths. In doing so, they will be in a position to discover their child’s needs, provide for them and expand on them.

They will feel prepared as I will deliver practical and useable theories and strategies, some that they can implement straight away and others that can be introduced over time. As parents see the impact that these strategies have, they will feel empowered to build on them, enter into more meaningful moments with their child and feel joyful connection as a family.

Empowered Connection

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Empowered Connection

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