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Empowering parents to create meaningful connections with their children

Parenting comes with so many pressures but the most significant is the pressure we place on ourselves. We have so many things to do, to remember, to be, all while those little eyes gaze up at us expectantly. I have developed my workshops in order to reduce some of these pressures and allow room for some joy in the everyday with our children.

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Empowering parents to create meaningful connections with their children

Vision & Mission Statement

I aspire to empower you with the skills to create joyful, meaningful moments as a family while also fostering your child’s skills to be happy, confident and resilient

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My Workshops

These workshops have been developed by me to empower you to be fearless in your own parenting. They will equip you with the knowledge and skills to explore your child’s needs and interact with them in a meaningful way. This will not only benefit your family in this moment but also promote skills that they can use as they go out into the world.

starting preshool/school workshop

Transition Insights

Starting preschool and school are big steps but it’s also an exciting time when we’re prepared

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Creative Play Insights

Creative play is vitally important to childhood and encourages children to explore all areas of their development

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Resilience Insights

Resilience is an important life skill and one that we can foster in our children from an early age

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Storytime Insights

The benefits of reading to and with your children are endless, for both you and your child

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I’m the founder of Early Years Insights, mammy to two young children and a qualified early years professional

Hi, I’m Tríona

Since becoming a mother, I have become very aware of how my education and experience in the early years of a child’s life have had a positive impact on our family life. I had a unique insight into our children’s development and how to provide for their needs through play, interaction, routine and preparing the environment.

I founded Early Years Insights to empower parents in creating joyful moments and meaningful family time. I aspire to do this by combining my knowledge of child development with practical strategies that can be adapted to work in all homes. I empower parents to be fearless in their own parenting.

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What Others Say

‘Tríona is excellent at what she does, her workshop delivers lots of practical information based on research and experience, they are interactive and visual. I came away with new ideas and how to make existing one’s work, highly recommend.’
Ellen, mother of 2
‘Tríona is the best. She offers exactly what the name of her business says, insights on the most precious early years of children’s lives. Sharing books, activities, tricks and more, she delves into meaningful learning in knowledgeable and relatable ways.’
Dee, Early Years Professional
‘Tríona created training videos for my babysitters; the content was amazing and it has really benefited my team. She continually referred to resources that were already available to the team, kept it consistently on brand and encouraged them to use what they already have from me. Tríona is a fountain of knowledge and delivers it with passion and reliability. Would highly recommend her and her business for any training or education on all areas of children and their care.’
Claire, Founder of Little Sitters

‘I found the content of your workshop to be very well thought out and presented. It dealt with all the areas of high concern for parents and helped alleviate any fears. There was plenty of time for questions (which is always key in these workshops). I was delighted with the service provided from start to finish.’

Sarah, Founder of Mama Moments
‘Really enjoyed and took a lot from Tríona’s workshop. I particularly love the focus on play. Tríona explains everything very clearly and the online workshop works really well.’
Anne-Marie, mother of 3

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